Though always a teacher at heart, I retired from George Mason University in May 2013 after 36 years. In 1977, I founded the Folklore Studies Program, now under the care of Prof. Debra Lattanzi Shutika and Prof. Joy Fraser. Courses I taught at GMU:

Graduate Courses
Folk Narrative: Folktales & Fairy Tales / Folk Narrative: Family Narrative, Personal Narrative, Anecdote, Legend / Living Words: Folklore & Creative Writing / Traditional Ballad

Graduate / Undergraduate Courses
Folklore of the Spirit World: The Lore of Ghosts & Fairies / Folk Arts and Folk Artists / Folklore and Gender

Undergraduate Courses
Folklore & Folklife / Writing Ethnography / Introduction to Literature


Workshops. I offer workshops on topics I love, such as my workshop at The Ohio State University on folklore and creative writing.

Courses. I love teaching in GoldLEAF, our elder college here in Farmington, Maine, offered in conjunction with the University of Maine at Farmington.

“Fake News, Witches, and Contemporary Legends”  April 2017

“Grimms’ Tales: The ‘Cinderella’ No One Knows (‘All Kinds Of Fur’)”  March 2018

2 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Dr. Yocum, you will not remember me, but I was one of your students at GMU, around 1979-81. I took a couple of your classes, Folklore was my most enjoyable. You were my favorite teacher at GMU, and I loved your classes.

    • Dear Gail– What a pleasure to hear from you! (Apologies for my slow response!) I so appreciate your telling me how you enjoyed the Folklore Studies classes–and me. That means a great deal to me. If I can put my hands on my teaching record book from those years, I will look you up to refresh my memory. Sometimes, knowing what you wrote your semester paper on helps! In any case, thank you! I hope you are doing very well. Prof Y

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