Though always a teacher at heart, I retired from George Mason University in May 2013 after 36 years. In 1977, I founded the Folklore Studies Program, now under the care of Prof. Debra Lattanzi Shutika and Prof. Joy Fraser. Courses I taught at GMU:

Graduate Courses
Folk Narrative: Folktales & Fairy Tales / Folk Narrative: Family Narrative, Personal Narrative, Anecdote, Legend / Living Words: Folklore & Creative Writing / Traditional Ballad

Graduate / Undergraduate Courses
Folklore of the Spirit World: The Lore of Ghosts & Fairies / Folk Arts and Folk Artists / Folklore and Gender

Undergraduate Courses
Folklore & Folklife / Writing Ethnography / Introduction to Literature

2 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Dr. Yocum, you will not remember me, but I was one of your students at GMU, around 1979-81. I took a couple of your classes, Folklore was my most enjoyable. You were my favorite teacher at GMU, and I loved your classes.

    • Dear Gail– What a pleasure to hear from you! (Apologies for my slow response!) I so appreciate your telling me how you enjoyed the Folklore Studies classes–and me. That means a great deal to me. If I can put my hands on my teaching record book from those years, I will look you up to refresh my memory. Sometimes, knowing what you wrote your semester paper on helps! In any case, thank you! I hope you are doing very well. Prof Y

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