Guidelines for Ogden Community Open Reading

Hugh Ogden Memorial Evening of Poetry, Community Reading Guidelines

Before our featured poet reads, we will have our wonderful community open reading. We need to be mindful of our time, though, for several reasons, but especially because Linda Dexter of the Ecopelagicon Nature Store and her employees need to re-arrange their store when our event ends, and we do not want them to be working way into the night after working all day. So, here are our guidelines for readers:

— Read one or two poems only.

— The total words in the one poem or in the two poems you read should not exceed 300 words. Use poems of Hugh Ogden’s as your guides, concerning length.

— Please keep your introduction to your poem(s) very brief, 30 seconds or less.

Sign up to read. Call or email Peggy Yocom (NOT Linda) by Saturday, 5pm. Or, sign up with Peggy at Ecopelagicon during in the 15 minutes right before the reading. Peggy will ask you to tell her about the poem(s) you plan to read, and their length.

Use the microphone we provide so all our listeners can hear.

Thank you so much!  Peggy and Linda

Peggy’s email:

Peggy’s Rangeley landline: See “Yocom” in Rangeley phone book