Welcome to my pages on folklore, poetry, storytelling, and Yocom Family genealogy– illustrated by many of my photographs.

A folklorist and poet, I’m pleased to share with you my book of erasure poemsALL KINDS OF FUR. Published by Deerbrook Editions, these poems offer a new vision of Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s controversial tale “Allerleirauh” (“All Kinds Of Fur”), a lesser-known version of “Cinderella” that opens with incest. Erasing the Grimms’ words to reveal a young woman’s story of her journey to a new, full life, I ask, What would All Kinds Of Fur say if she could tell her own story?

To read my blogs about KIN S FUR, please go to NEWS at the top right of this page.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Peggy,
    I want to tell you how moved I was by the genius of your reading and writing your erasure poem of All Fur. It was haunting, disturbing, and insightful, especially its humanimal aspect. I have used the original text in my fairy tale course to introduce students to the darker side of the tradition. I should like to use this. If it is published, please let me know.

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